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news.bbc.co.uk - BBC News - Nigeria's ailing President Yar'Adua breaks silence
Nigeria's president, not seen since going into hospital in Saudi Arabia in November, tells the BBC he hopes to resume his duties.
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www.onesentence.org - One Sentence archive - Most Popular of All Time
One Sentence is an experiment in brevity. Most of the best stories that we tell from our lives have one really, really good part taht make the rest of the boring story worth it. This is about that one line...
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www.youtube.com - YouTube - Full Netanyahu UN Speech Part 1 of 4
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivers a Churchillian speech to the United Nations General Assembly.
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www.mass.gov - Public Officers of the Commonwealth
This digital collection of documents contains photographs and biographical information about Massachusetts Legislators. The first publication, the Offical Gazette, was published in 1885. Older documents not only include photographs of legislators, but photographs of the Massachusetts State House and
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www.eng.ox.ac.uk - Liquid Crystal Technology Group - Nematics
By decreasing the temperature from the isotropic phase, in which the molecules are randomly positioned and oriented (see Fig. 1), to the nematic phase the material gains an amount of orientational order but no positional order (Fig. 2). This reordering is thought to be due to the packing constraints of the molecules...
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http://yumurl.com/NbXbKk 1341 hits
la.curbed.com - Curbed LA: Million Dollar Listing Recapped, Episode 1: Little Dogs from Man Purses
Curbed LA : The Los Angeles Neighborhoods and Real Estate Blog
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http://yumurl.com/Tpo0cJ 1341 hits
www.merinews.com - Sir Isaac Newton birthday today
Greatest physicist, mathematician, astronomer and one of the foremost scientist of all time Sir Isaac Newton is remembering today across the Globe on his Birthday. Sir Newton was inspired to formulate his theory of gravitation. Famous Personalities,gravitation law, GREAT PHYSICIST, Sir Newton...
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